How do you earn your Identity

Identity is something that you are constantly earning. It is a process that you must be active in creating.” Write between 400 and 500 words exploring your thoughts on this idea. You should also post your own HONY picture and story as supporting resources.

Many factors form your identity like your friend group, family, the place where you live, your genes and your experiences.

identityYour friend group can genuinely change who are. You start changing when you are around your friends without knowing. They affect the way we use our cell phones like which social media sites you use and how much time you spend on your phone, and what you like to eat and wear. They could also show you incipient things and get you intrigued with new style, religious notions, and other cultures. Your friends could affect what you believe in because they could open your eyes to new things. Your friends can affect you negatively too because with out realising you could become adherent and not be yourself.

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Your family definitely has a big impact on who you are because your family shows and teaches you how to behave, to have manners and your religion beliefs. For me if I lived in a family that was religious that would change my outlook on life. Right now I don’t have a religion because my mom wanted us to decide what we believe in. Living in a big family changes me so that I fight to get someone to listen what I’m saying so that I’m not shy, but if I lived in a smaller family I feel like I would be more shy. I was always brought up to have manners and be polite because of how my parents grew up,  and if I didn’t have a family who cared about manners I might not have made so many friends and met really amazing people. My parents have vigorous opinions about the meat industry if they didn’t I would be subconsciously fortifying animals being abused and killed very erroneously.  All these situations are different for everyone and that one factor to why people are different.

In conclusion to earn your identity in my opinion is to be open to other conceptions, which could change your identity and take more opportunities. Taking risks can help you earn your identity so that you can explore that you like to do or for example help you become less shy. One of the reasons people’s identity changes is because people are taking more risks. This could include: getting a new job, trying a sport or food or making new friends. I also feel like another way to earn your identity is to set your own goals and which would be working to change yourself and do new things and excel in areas you set goal to.



One thought on “How do you earn your Identity

  1. Hello Emma,

    Good job on your first blog post! You had a very clear and logical structure, as well as a strong personal voice. You used topic sentences to start your paragraphs effectively, and each paragraph explained its idea well. Next time make sure to read over your work before posting it, as there are a few grammatical errors. Also, the word ‘incipient’ sounds a little out-of-place in this phrase: “They could also show you incipient things”, since it is an uncommon word, while the rest of your post is written informally using common language. If you want your post to appear more sophisticated and have a stronger personal voice, I would suggest to use such vocabulary either more often or not use it at all. Lastly, the message of your post is not very coherent. Make sure to relate to your main point at the end of every paragraph.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment,


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